The Two Fat Guys Guide to Plants that Attract Bugs and how you can use them as “Traps”

Plant these in places that you want to draw the pests. Not too far away but strategic locations that you can monitor them. When the bad bugs attack these “trap” plants you simply pull up the plant and put it in a sealed plastic bag. Whatever you do, don’t throw it in the compost pile! You can either spray the inside of the bag with bug killer or put the bag in the trash and dispose properly.

• Chervil… Slugs
• Collard… Some moths
• Dill… Tomato hornworms
• Lovage… Tomato hornworms
• Marigold.. slugs, spider smites and thrips
• Mustard… aphids, flea hoppers, cabbage webworms
• Nasturtium… aphids and flea beetles
• Radish… root maggots, flea beetles
• Thyme… slugs

Remember: Never plant the same plant year after year. Various maladies are attracted to certain plants and often it takes a while for them to propagate. Changing the location keeps them from taking over a particular crop. Also, some plants like beans “fix” (put) nitrogen in the soil while others take it away. Farmers call it crop rotation. We call it just good sense.