Your lawn is telling you what it needs to thrive but you don’t know the language. The Two Fat Guys can help.

DANDELIONSDandelions = Lack of calcium. Add Jonathan Green’s Magical. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that Dandelions thrived in calcium depleted soils and didn’t do well in calcium rich soils.

Thatch = Lack of microbial activity. Microbes in your soil make your soil rich with nutrients. Think of them as microscopic cows that eat dirt and excrete valuable manure. Minimize using municipal water. Municipalities put stuff in the water to kill the microbes in the water supply. However, it kills the microbes in your lawn when you water. Microbes also attach to your plants roots which allows the plants to take up much more nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers leave a salt residual which kills microbes. Stop using synthetic fertilizers, add microbes using compost tea or hose end microbial applicators and feed them with Jonathan Green’s “Love Your Lawn love Your Soil” which is a molasses based organic nutrient with million year old humates. The molasses feeds the microbes so they can thrive and grow to make wonderful nutrients for rich, healthy plant development. Grow the soil and it will grow your plants.

crabgrassCrabgrass = Cut your lawn at your mowers highest level and over seed. Crabgrass can only grow if it is exposed to sunlight. Except for the first cut of the year that cuts off the split ends, cut the lawn as high as your mower allows and that will help keep the sun from getting to the ground thus keeping the crabgrass in check. Also, over seed so you have a thick lawn. Sunlight cannot penetrate a thick lawn. Also, crabgrass thrives in an unbalanced PH environment. See below (PH). Test your soil’s PH. It’s easy.

Clover = Lack of nitrogen. Clover affixes nitrogen in the soil and thrives where nitrogen is lacking. Increase your nitrogen by applying a good organic fertilizer and use an herbicide to kill the clover. It will take at least two applications to kill the clover because it is hardy and the herbicides have been continually weakened to have minimal impact on the environment. Apply the active when the leaves are wet and if you are mixing it in a spray liquid form use a surfactant that helps the active stay on the leaf.

Critters tearing up your yard = Grubs. First, use Mole-Zap to kill the critters. It is a safe, organic way to kill the tunneling critters and it works. Just follow the directions. Then eliminate the grubs. There are numerous actives that you can choose from but the grubs are only vulnerable when they are in the pupae stage which is usually around June. May be different in your area. Also, if you were to over seed with Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty Ultra grass seed, you would soon have a lawn that has natural endophytes and alkaloids that bugs hate. With no food that they like, they move on and leave your lawn alone.

Fungus (snow mold) = a lot of moisture. You can grow it out by adding nitrogen. We recommend Jonathan Green’s “Green Up”. It increase the growth rate and you simply cut it off. Or, you could spray compost tea like organic gardeners do. You can either make your own or buy it. Several hose end applicators are available in the form of liquid bat guano and others. I recommend all of the above.

lawn droughtDrought = Use a drought resistant grass. Black Beauty Ultra is a seed that develops a 4’ root system after two years so it reaches down to where there is usually always some moisture. It also has a waxy cuticle coating, like an apple, that keeps the moisture in the plant and the bugs hate it. High endophytes and alkaloid content makes it very undesirable to bugs. Blue grass is not heat tolerant and Black Beauty Ultra is much more attractive. Used on the Biltmore Mansion and the Statue of Liberty.

Lack of overall lack of lawn health = PH imbalance. Think of PH as a door on your plants roots. If the PH is 7 the door is wide open to take up all the available nutrients that is available. Crabgrass does not do well at 7. The further away the PH is, either up or down, the more the door closes. Bottom line, if your PH is off, you can put down all the fertilizers you want and they can’t get in to your root system to help your plant. Every time it rains (acid rain?) your PH goes down a little. Our municipality supplies water at a 6 PH. Just between the rain and the public water, our PH is continually being adjusted down. Get your PH tested. You can do it yourself with an inexpensive test kit or bring it in and we can test it for you. Chances are, your PH is way down and needs to come up. Magical by Jonathan Green’s brings it up about .5 to .75 per application. Typically you need a couple of applications of this amazing product. It is a soil enhancer and not a fertilizer so you can put it on without fear of “burning”.

Summary. Most national fertilizers talk about killing crabgrass, killing broadleaf, killing bugs. KILL, KILL, KILL! However, you can grow your way to a great lawn with great grass seed, proper PH and a system that starts by taking care of your soil and letting it do the work it was meant to do. Sure you may need an occasional commercial active to get things under control but it is a mistake to forget about the soil. That’s where it all starts. Healthy, growing soil.

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