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Here is a list of flowers that attract hummingbirds

Humming birds have almost no sense of smell so they go for bright colors. Bee Balm Bleeding heart Blue Cardinal Flower Canadian Columbine Cardinal flower Coral bells Dropmore Honeysuckle Firecracker Penstemon Fox Glove Hosta Morning Gloy Orange honeysuckle Petunia Scarlet buler Scarlet sage Snap Dragon Spider flower Texas sage Trumpet creeper vine Trumpet honeysuckle Western ...


Straw Bale Gardening

Straw bale gardening is easy and has a lot of positive aspects that conventional gardening does not. It takes about as much space as a sheet of plywood. No digging. No bending over to maintain it. Can be grown on any surface and can easily be taken down at the end of the season. cheap hotels . All of the components are available at the Two Fat Guys Super Store.” All you need is a 3 to 1 mix of potting soil to composted manure, vermiculite for water availability/storage, a tarp (optional), 4 bales of straw, worm castings, blood meal, some form of calcium (bone meal or Jonathan Green’s Magical), good microbes (helps break down the straw and boosts plant production) and the secret ingredient of all gardens is the red wiggler (red worms- get them at any bait store and they double their population every 6 weeks). We planted the tomatoes in the center where their roots can grow deep, hollowed out various places in the straw to plant the rest of the plants and herbs and then sprinkled all the cool lettuce seeds all over the remainder as “ground cover”. A lot of tomatoes, peppers, herbs and lettuce ...


Why 12-12-12 fertilizer could be giving your plants a nervous breakdown or (Fertilizers made simple)

Each one of these numbers trigger a specific reaction in your plants. The first number is Nitrogen and it makes your plants grow up and get foliage. The second number is Phosphorus. It makes the plant grow roots and help make flowers and fruit. The third number is Potassium which in combination with Phosphorous makes the overall plant healthy and strong that creates great flowers and fruit. So why would you confuse the plant with 12-12-12? You are telling your plant to grow up, down and all around at the same time! When seedlings are planted, you want them to first develop a strong root system which will give them a great foundation. That is why seed starter has such a high second number. If you give it a lot of nitrogen now your plants could grow up before it has a good foundation which could lead to an overall unhealthy plant. Once the plant gets a strong foundation then you need give it nitrogen to grow up. When the plant gets big and it is time to flower or fruit, just give it a strong third number (potassium) which in combination with the second number, phosphorous, encourages the plant ...


Your lawn is telling you what it needs to thrive but you don’t know the language. The Two Fat Guys can help.

Dandelions = Lack of calcium. Add Jonathan Green’s Magical. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that Dandelions thrived in calcium depleted soils and didn’t do well in calcium rich soils. Thatch = Lack of microbial activity. Microbes in your soil make your soil rich with nutrients. Think of them as microscopic cows that eat dirt and excrete valuable manure. Minimize using municipal water. Municipalities put stuff in the water to kill the microbes in the water supply. However, it kills the microbes in your lawn when you water. Microbes also attach to your plants roots which allows the plants to take up much more nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers leave a salt residual which kills microbes. Stop using synthetic fertilizers, add microbes using compost tea or hose end microbial applicators and feed them with Jonathan Green’s “Love Your Lawn love Your Soil” which is a molasses based organic nutrient with million year old humates. The molasses feeds the microbes so they can thrive and grow to make wonderful nutrients for rich, healthy plant development. Grow the soil and it will grow your plants. Crabgrass = Cut your lawn at your mowers highest level and over seed. Crabgrass can only grow if ...


Cheating Mother Nature to get free color in your house

Want to have some color in your house? Cut stems off your forsythia bush. Smash the ends with a hammer so they won’t heal. Then soak them in wet newspaper to loosen up the buds for a few days. Then put them in a vase and they will ...