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Two Fat Guys Hardware Show Audio Samples

Welcome Radio Program Directors and Sales Managers. Click on the audio players below to hear some highlights from our show.

Your first audio sample is a short demo of the show featuring highlight clips from the last 5 years.

The second audio player features how the show sounds when we custom produce the one hour format every week, the localized version for your market. There are imaging elements and specific in segment mentions for the local hardware stores in your area and local advertisers. You will also hear national advertisers that featured their product sold in the local hardware stores.

Two Fat Guys Highlight Clips

5 years of The Two Fat Guys Hardware Show packed in to 30 minutes.

Localized Production Sample - Cincinnati, OH

Hear a custom weekly production example for the Cincinnati Ace Hardware group.

Want to bring The Two Fat Guys Hardware Show to your local radio station? Give us a call and then watch us do the rest of the work to bring your station weekly weekend programming revenue, while Rick and Smokey add listenership to your Saturday and Sunday line ups.

Call Jakim Bialek of Orange Hill Media, at 317-402-1224 or email: jakim@orangehillmedia.com