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Partner Up with The Two Fat Guys Hardware Show

This is your pal Smokey with a message to all our fellow hardware store owners out there: I’ve been working with Rick at the Two Fat Guys Super Store in Greenwood, Indiana since fall of 2008. During really tough economic times, we were new to owning and running a hardware store, but not new to sales and marketing.

We have been in commercial real estate for a long time and we took an unforeseen circuitous route to managing our store. My partner and I began trying to figure it all out with one of those first steps, how do we bring new customers through our doors?

Watch this video to see and hear what we’ve been able to accomplish for the last several years in our market and other markets around the country, its hardware radio done differently!

Rick and Smokey talk about the power of local radio translating into increased sales

The radio show is great to explain new products or just to talk a little more about things that are not simple: like chemicals, paint, fertilizers and herbicides. As an added bonus, there are still several 30 second commercials within the body of the show that you can use for your store’s promotions as well.

All I hear is how can we compete with the big boxes?

They don’t have their own radio show, do they?

And they can’t customize to your local branding message like we can. It works. Our sales have increased every month, every year, since we started the show in early 2009. We are riding the radio airwaves to sales results that contrast the lack luster national growth numbers.

AND – national hardware and gardening product companies have jumped on board in our Indiana markets and other markets as they see their seasonal sales grow like never before. More importantly, the specific products they promote on our radio show start moving off the shelves as customers come into local affiliate stores asking for that specific product.

Now, we’re happy to be helping other hardware store owners localize the show for their city and local suburbs like we did for Ace Hardware owners in Cincinnati, OH and other areas.

Click Here to take a look at how the one hour show breaks down with our easy to read clock layout.

Then Click Here to take a look at a brief explanation of how you work with the Two Fat Guys and their radio production team to customize the one hour radio show for your hardware stores and local region.

Listen to some audio samples of how we have a weekly custom localized interview with you and your staff for impactful personalization while you simply become a local radio star!

One of Rick and Smokey’s local promotional features with Shelly of Bishop’s Ace Hardware Group, an 11 store chain centered in Springfield, IL.

Springfield Local Radio Snapshot

Our weekly local spotlight also works in the southwest as you hear another example with our local radio star Wendy from the Prescott Valley Ace Hardware.

Rick and Smokey talk shop and learn about local followers of Wendy

Hear another example from Cincinnati, OH during a local multi-store hardware group feature

Cincinnati Hardware Group Local Snapshot

We can guarantee you this, once you start coming on the air with Rick and I in your local area, you’ll just have to get used to current customers and those coveted new customers walking into your store saying “I heard you on the radio, I listen every week, keep up the great work!”.

They might also mention my great jokes we throw in from time to time.

Interested in bringing the Two Fat Guys Hardware Show to your town? Call me at 317-695-2494 or email me at Smokey@TwoFatGuysRadio.com