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Your lawn is telling you what it needs to thrive but you don’t know the language. The Two Fat Guys can help.

Dandelions = Lack of calcium. Add Jonathan Green’s Magical. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that Dandelions thrived in calcium depleted soils and didn’t do well in calcium rich soils. Thatch = Lack of microbial activity. Microbes in your soil make your soil rich with nutrients. Think of them as microscopic cows that eat dirt and excrete valuable manure. Minimize using municipal water. Municipalities put stuff in the water to kill the microbes in the water supply. However, it kills the microbes in your lawn when you water. Microbes also attach to your plants roots which allows the plants to take up much more nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers leave a salt residual which kills microbes. Stop using synthetic fertilizers, add microbes using compost tea or hose end microbial applicators and feed them with Jonathan Green’s “Love Your Lawn love Your Soil” which is a molasses based organic nutrient with million year old humates. The molasses feeds the microbes so they can thrive and grow to make wonderful nutrients for rich, healthy plant development. Grow the soil and it will grow your plants. Crabgrass = Cut your lawn at your mowers highest level and over seed. Crabgrass can only grow if ...